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It is not an exaggeration to say that Hasselblad is a camera legend. The brand reached an iconic statusafter the camera was used to take the first photos of man on the moon. 4. (Photo taken at the Nasa space center inHuntsville,Alabama) 5.

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Aldrin looks like an alien. This “hacked” Hasselblad found itself in the payload for Mercury 8 (MA-8) in October 1962. Fast forward seven years, and another Hasselblad camera was taken to the Moon. A Hasselblad Data Camera (HDC) was taken down to the surface, paired with a Zeiss Biogon 60mm ƒ/5.6 lens. Hasselblad & The Moon Landing by Deborah Ireland is a complete bust.

Most cameras utilized in Moon-surface missions, and definitely these used with Apollo 11, have been left behind. He says it was in 1965, when NASA released stunning photos of Ed White's spacewalk on Gemini 4, that Hasselblad "put two and two together" and realized the pictures were taken with one of their Fifty years later, on 20 July 2019, Hasselblad proudly celebrates its role in being the cameras that were chosen by NASA for space photography, and even more so, the cameras that documented the historical moment of the first men on the Moon. Hasselblad and NASA’s journey together began seven years previous to the Apollo 11 mission – in 1962 Through the Apollo missions, a minimum of 19,788 photos had been taken with Hasselblad cameras with 70mm magazines.

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Lärarhandledning Moonlight. 2. Det här Hasselbladstiftelsen erbjuder kostnadsfria visningar och skollektioner för grundskolor och utställningen Moonlight på Hasselblad Center.

Alex Grant: Spacesuit: Fashioning Apollo Moon landing, Man

Hasselblad photos from the moon

Where are these cameras now?

Hasselblad photos from the moon

No need to  From our first space journey on Oct. 3,1962, Hasselblad cameras have played an integral part in the Space program, capturing the images that  3 Feb 2014 Jim Irwin took exactly 299 pictures with the Hasselblad during his three-day stay on the lunar surface, and 96 more on the way to the moon and  16 Oct 2015 Explanation: The astronauts brought the best medium-format camera of the time with them – a Hasselblad 500EL with Zeiss Planar f/2.8 80mm  5 Oct 2015 Looking every bit the authentic vintage Hasselblad photos they are, the images you see here were taken by Apollo astronauts on their various  8 Dec 2013 Tokyo, Japan - December, 4th 2013: Celebrating the memory of the photography on the Moon Hasselblad displayed the original "moon  20 Mar 2016 So had I shaken a hand that had been on the Moon?
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All images can be found on-line at the USRA Lunar and Planetary Institute.

During the course of the Apollo space program astronauts were charged with enduring unknown perils, conducting science experiments, piloting spacecraft, walking on the surface of the moon, and comprehending sights, sounds, and physical stresses never before experienced by humans. In 1965, Hasselblad cameras managed to capture the first spacewalk ever performed. Astronaut James A. McDivitt used a Hasselblad camera to take a series of pictures of his spacewalking colleague, Edward H. White.
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Coupling the CFV II 50C with Hasselblad's smallest medium format camera body ever, the  18 Jul 2019 From the Earth to the moon, in the astronauts' words and photographs. aldrin Let's get into the Hasselblad, get the right settings on it. on sci.space.tech regarding photography on the surface of the Moon by the " Camera" is singular, and it sounds like there was only one Hasselblad taken to  25 Mar 2014 Back from the Moon'. This highly-valued Hasselblad lunar module pilot camera might have been on the moon. Photo: WestLicht-Auction.com  I just watched a TV special about how the moon landing by the Apollo astronauts in the 60's were a hoax. I don't quite understand all the 8 Dec 2013 Tokyo, Japan - December, 4th 2013: Celebrating the memory of the photography on the Moon Hasselblad displayed the original "moon  20 Mar 2016 So had I shaken a hand that had been on the Moon? There was a fine photo exhibition, plenty on Victor Hasselblad, the brand's founder,  6 Oct 2015 Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin spent more than 21 hours on the moon's surface.