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Legendary Guns Inc. was founded in 1988 in Phoenix,Arizona to meet a growing demand for quality new, used & antique firearms and accessories. Lot 3555: Full Transferrable Valmet/Fleming M78/83S Machine Gun w/Scope Auction Date: September 10, 2017 Fully Transferrable Valmet/Fleming M78/83S Squad Automatic Weapon with Scope, Class III/NFA Fully Transferrable Machine Gun The Valmet M78, which can also come in the rarer model of the M78/83S "Sniper", is a RPK style of rifle that was designed as a support weapon of the Finnish forces. There was no attempt with this model to make it look like anything else for civilian sales such as with the hunter, one look at the base model and it looks like an RPK. Valmet M78 with Leupold scope Description: RARE CUSTOM VALMET M78 WITH 16 INCH LONG BARREL. Valmet M78, milled receiver.

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Antal bud: 2 st Kultivator Väderstad M78 Väderstad Vänersborg. Antal bud: 3 st. Valmet 860 bak 5 900: : : : :- Alla Ring vanlig oss: Gustav , 81 Jonas: Vi vid 7 m 78 db Vikt 41 kg Art nr Bensinelverk MG3800CL Spänning 230V Effekt, - kontin  12 V Elstart Oljenivåvakt Tankvolym 12,5 l Ljudnivå vid 7 m 78 dB Vikt 88 kg Art nr 108609 Ford, Valmet, Volvo BM, Deutz, VW, m.fl. 0 28;oo w.m .x m* :S .väv»www _ å _ _ N Km_ m 78 å/Len Sta/máö/Le/tag 99 Suomen Autoteollisuus 371 71 140 267 1 726 l 766 Valmet 99 721 1 635 11 530  Steyr A.U.G. semi-automatic firearms USAS 12 semi-automatic type shotgun Uzi type semi-automatic firearms Valmet M62, M71S, M76, or M78 type  Modell: ”M78” Kaliber: [8] Fakta om ditt sökta vapen. Webbnr: 2690. Fabrikat: ”Valmet”.

Pre 1989 ban. Comes with one one 5 round magazine. Barrel is 16 inches long.

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Sirius Vapen Handel · Today at 10:45 AM. Valmet 412 12/70 pris 750€. Savage(4); Scandium(3); Simson(2); Smith & Wesson(11); Tikka(62); Valmet(5); Varberger(8); Viking(5); Voere(3); Weatherby(16); Wildboar(1); Winchester(46)  Hydraulfilter Insats Valmet Valmet/Valtra 205, 215, 255, 305T, 315T, 355, 365, årsmodell upp till -79 · Modell 702 hydr, 16036 framåt, tills års.m -78  M78 · Volvo Penta · AQD2B · AQD11C · MB10A · MD1 · MD1B · MD2 · MD2B · MD6A · MD6B · Reläer / Laddregulatorer · Startrelä · 12 Volt · Dynastart. Leupold 2-7x33. 1 500 kr.

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Valmet m78

These guns were only imported into the U.S from 1987-1989 and in very small numbers. Valmet M78 – light machine gun variant of the RK 62 76, which uses a similar sight layout as the RK 71. [2] Valmet M78/83S – sniper rifle/designated marksman rifle variant of the M78. The M78 milled series does not have a model # on the receiver The M78/83S does have a model # just above the pistol grip on the left side of the receiver. I must partially disagree with my good Valmet forum friend, AGG. (Hey Tony, its Celticsword).

Valmet m78

896. 1120. 23-460-RE131. Steyr A.U.G. semi-automatic firearms USAS 12 semi-automatic type shotgun Uzi type semi-automatic firearms Valmet M62, M71S, M76, or M78 type  Astrolabe solnedgång midnatt Finnish RK62M Sako/Valmet Rifle - A Closer Look At Long Anticipated Upgrade -The Firearm Blog · upprätt Blinka Inspektion The  investering Kaliber juni Desirable Pre-Ban Valmet M62/S Semi-Automatic Rifle Make gör inte Andrew Halliday Rare Valmet M78 .308 HB Semi Auto Rifle - CT  The company offers in services.
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This is a Valmet M78. This gun is in good condition and comes as shown. * Form 3 Efile! * 7.62 * Excellent investment * This is a Fleming Conversion done on a Finish Valmet M78 *1 Magazine * 3 Day inspection period According to the ATF paper work Fleming is the maker for this Machine Gun. The RK 62 76, also known as the Valmet M76 is a gas operated assault rifle of Finnish origin, which was also made in semi-automatic version for civilian market. It is a modified AK-47 based on the Rk 62 (Rynnäkkökivääri 62, Assault rifle 62) design. 2008-01-09 · My Valmet Hunter came with three magazines, one each of: 5, 9 and 20 rounds capacity.

Buy Valmet M78 7.62x39: GunBroker is the largest seller of Semi Auto Rifles Rifles Guns & Firearms All: 896880156 Valmet added a LMG (light machine gun), the M78, to its export offerings in 1978. In 1982, a rather futuristic bullpup design was added to the lineup as the M82, though it now appears to be discontinued. In 1983, a slightly modified version of the M78, the M78/83S, was offered as a sniper rifle (it, too, appears to be discontinued).
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It was designed specially for airborne troops and introduced in 1978. It was proposed as a replacement for the folding-stock models. Later, Valmet produced the M76F which was an M76 that had a side folding version of the original M62 buttstock. Valmet later merged into SAKO (in the late 1980s), and the some of their designs are currently being manufactured. See also Valmet M78. The Valmet Assault rifle series can be seen in the following: Valmet, Inc. Original M78 Semi 7.62x39 Excellent Wow - 8088564 Buyer Tip: Seller assumes all responsibility for listing this item.